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Finally, I finished.

I found this journal and the survey intrigued me, so I took it. Have fun people, and try not to take anything the wrong way if it sounds bad.

THE BASICS (30 Questions)

Name: Laura Elizabeth
Nickname: Bubbles, Tori
Titles: Baritone Section Leader, in-class paper writer extraordinaire, Miss, Ms.
Species: Homo sapien, I think. Human.
Racial Background: Dominican, Polish, Native American, and other stuff I don't know about.
Blood Type: I've never known.
Age: 17
Birth Date: February 9, 1987...three good years of being an 80's baby.
Horoscope Signs: Aquarius
Year of the ???: Rabbit: People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. Rabbit people are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky. They are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. Rabbit people seldom lose their temper. They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract. They would make good gamblers for they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, they seldom gamble, as they are conservative and wise. They are most compatible with those born in the years of the Sheep, Pig, and Dog.
Hometown: Cary
Location: NC
Eye Color/Type: Dark brown, round, big eyes.
Hair Color/Type: Dark brown, long (mid-back), curly, but manageable enough to do things with (like straightening)
Height: 5'6 1/4''
Weight: 135 lbs
Skin Tone/Color: I have the kind of skin that's very white in the winter and makes a very nice tan in the summer. It's what I get for being half-Dominican. Right now it's white-and-tan farmer's tan colored.
Body Hair/Type: Dark, unfortunately. I have rather hairy arms, but other than that, I don't have much.
Body Structure: Strong. I'm not skinny or fat. I have a medium-sized bone structure, meaning that I look huge compared to those little twig-type girls, but I'm still thin.
Kind of Build: Strong build as well. I have powerful arms and legs and I can carry a lot.
Do you wear prescription glasses? Yes, since the fourth grade. I cursed them then but now they give me character.
Do you wear sunglasses? Only during band camp/practice and at the beach.
Do you wear prescription contacts? Yes, but only on special occasions, all-day practices, and marching band performances.
Do you wear colored contacts? Nope. My eyes are too dark for them.
Best Features (looks): Dark brown puppy dog eyes, and huge boobs. Well, some people consider that a good feature. And I apparently have a nice ass. I'm not arrogant, I'm just repeating what people have said.
Worst Features (looks): Thighs. Thick and fatty. I hate them.
Any piercings: Yes, one piercing in each ear.
Any tattoos: Nope. I don't really plan to have any, either. I've seen the after pictures of people who had laser surgery removal, and it's gross. It induced my gag reflex.
Transportation: I wish. My mom's car (I drive it) and the school bus. My bus driver is a fat bitch that looks like an orc from Lord of the Rings.
Pets: Fish. Only two are left now.


General Mood: Perky
5 Words to Describe You: Playful, introverted, whiny, friendly, good listener (sorry, that's two words)
What Type of Person are You: I'm very very introverted when I'm around people I don't know. I'm terrified to talk to them because I don't know what to say, and I feel suffocated in big crowds if it's not with band. If I'm around people I'm familiar with, I'm loud, bouncy, and fun to be around. I'm a joker, I can be sarcastic when I feel like it, and I can be a real bitch if someone pisses me off or if I've got PMS. With my close friends, I'm always there to listen and give advice, and I will always stand up for anyone I care about. Always. I'm also very artsy and dramatic - I love to write and play music. I'm also a very emotional person, and I will probably feel more sad/happy/angry about something that happens to a friend than they will, which they don't understand a lot of times. If anyone cares to know, my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP.
What Scene/Stereotype: Band dork. I love band to death, so call me a dork if you wish - I take it as a compliment.
What is your sexual preference? Straight as an arrow, buddy.
Best Features (personality): Good listener, opinionated (this can be a good and a bad thing), passionate, creative.
Worst Features (personality): Whiny, overly-emotional, sensitive, clingy.
How do you view the world? It is a place full of good and evil people. The world is never all good or all evil. What pessimistic people fail to see is the good that shines through the bad people like Saddam Hussein or Stalin or Hitler. There are so many things to love about life; sometimes we just have to work hard to find them. I also believe that all things happen for a reason, and that in the end something good will come out of them.
What kind of work do you do? I'm a student, and, therefore, my work is studying.
What kind of hobbies do you have? I'm the fine arts type. I play euphonium for band and for fun and I play flute separately for recitals and auditions and whatnot. I also love to draw and sculpt clay. I'm a very passionate writer and I love to write out my opinions.
Any goals for the future? I hope to someday write books, write for national magazines, and/or write critical articles on literature and media. I also might be a teacher. But I really want to write a book.
Good Habits: I brush my teeth twice a day and floss once a day (yes, every single day), I pray, I shower every day (hey, it's hygeine), I eat fairly healthy foods, and I save money.
Bad Habits: Nail biting, whining, procrastination, obsessive face fixing (as in, I check every two minutes to make sure there's NOTHING wrong with my face).
Motto or Code: Suck it up and blow. (it's a band wouldn't understand ;)
Do you have any passions? Oh yes.
If so, what are they? Writing is my big passion. I read a lot as a kid and I adapted a lot of different styles to create my own. I take my teachers' criticism seriously when they correct my papers so I can really become a better writer. I also love music and I don't know if I could ever live without it. In fact, if I had the choice to be deaf or blind, I'd be blind - just so I could still hear music.
Do you have any ‘issues’? Hmmm...I'll have to define this for myself.
If so, what kind: Well, I'm clingy and emotional when it comes to ANY type of relationship, be it a love relationship or a friendship. I feel very sad when I'm away from the ones I love (I'm really talking about my Shawn here), and I get very emotional when I'm betrayed or stabbed in the back. When I love, I love passionately, even if that means I annoy a few people.
Religion/Beliefs: I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. For those of you out there who are still totally ignorant and too stupid to look up the facts, let me clear up a few things: we do NOT worship the Virgin Mary. For God's sake (seriously), she is the mother of Jesus Christ - why would you think of her as some lower "woman" being? Yes, Jesus and God are still higher (they're the highest powers of all), but the mother of our Savior deserves more than a little respect. Anyways, onto the beliefs. I believe that whatever happened in the Beginning, whether it was Adam and Eve or the Big Bang, that God allowed it or made it happen. I believe that all things happen for a reason and have a higher purpose, and that good or bad things will come out of their respective beginnings.
What makes you happy? Flowers, chocolate, friends, Shawn, heartfelt apologies, presents, hugs, kisses, marching band competitions, driving, dates, good movies, little toy poodles, ducks, long walks at the duck pond with Shawn, did I mention Shawn?
Rate your personality 1-10: I'll give it an 8. I get along with people well, and I'm happy with the way I display myself for other people - I act like myself.
Rate your love life 1-10: 10 :)
Rate your work life 1-10: 0. I don't have a job.
Rate your social life 1-10: In band, 9. Outside of band, a 4. It's nearly impossible to have a social life outside of band.
Rate your spiritual life 1-10: 7 or 8. I'm not gung-ho Bible thumper, but I have a strong faith and I pray a lot.
Are you aggressive? I'm aggressive when someone insults one of my loved ones, or when I'm in a heated argument about something I feel strongly about. Otherwise, I'm not really an aggressive person.
Are you passive? No. No no no. I refuse to be passive. I'm calm and I stay clear-headed through my problems, but I will not be passive about anything.
Are you extroverted? Only when I'm with the band.
Are you introverted? Yes. I feel suffocated in crowds.
Are you judgmental? No.
Are you accepting? Quite. I have friends of all types: homosexuals, heterosexuals, goths, blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Muslims, preps, drama people, chorus people, random people, etc. Everywhere.
Are you friendly? Very very friendly. I have a lot of acquaintances and I'm rarely ever mean, even with people I don't like.
Are you a leader? I can take the role of both leader and follower.
Are you a follower? I can be if I have to. I know when to leave my pride behind and listen to someone who knows what they're doing.
Are you bitchy? Only when I have PMS.

THE FAVORITE GAME! (50 Questions)

All questions refer to your favorite ____:

Alcoholic Drink: None. I don't drink alcohol.
Non-Alky Drink: Virgin Piña Colada.
Juice: Apple and cranberry.
Soda: Cherry 7UP.
Appetizer: Mozzarella sticks. Mmm...Love them to death.
Bread Item: Hmmm...Focaccia bread :) Yummy stuff. I ate so much of it when I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with the band.
Veggie/Side: Mashed potatoes and green beans.
Fruit: Cherries, bananas, and raspberries (no sexual innuendo intended)
Soup: Chicken and stars :) I like the shapes. I also like Alphabet Soup.
Main Dish [with meat]: Hmmm...anything with shrimp.
Main Dish [no meat]: Martha Stewart's macaroni and cheese. Takes forever to make, but it's damn good stuff.
Dessert: Cheesecake. Cheesecake is God's dessert.
Candy: Milky Way bars and M&M's
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate. Chocolate chocolate chocolate.
Childhood Food: Fried chicken that my grandma used to make.
Perfume/Cologne: I don't have one. I mostly use sprays from Bath & Body Works.
Shampoo/Conditioner: Pantene Pro-V for Curly Hair. Wonderful stuff, it is.
Hair Product: Pantene Pro-V hair gel for holding curls. I don't remember what it's called.
Toothpaste: Crest. I'm just picking. Just about any toothpaste but Aquafresh. That stuff is gross.
Soap/Bodywash: Anything from Bath & Body Works. I know it's $8 a bottle, but I love the stuff.
Fashion Line: I don't care. I buy stuff on sale and at stores like Target and Kohl's. No one sees the price tag or the brand on my clothes, so why spend more money on brand names?
Your Style: Everything. I buy clothes that I like, so I have a "Laura" style.
Undie Type: Hmmm...Binkini. I like other kinds, but bikini is the most comfortable.
Footwear: Nothing or flip-flops. I have squarish feet with long toes, but I don't care. I love having my feet free. I wear flip-flops all year round.
Hairstyle: I can't do it myself, but I get my hair stylist to do it when I remember to make an appointment: layered and straightened. For marching band practice, I like pigtails because they stay off my neck and out of my face.
Movie Genre: Comedy or historial drama.
Top 5 Movies: The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pirates of the Carribean
Movie Food: Sour Patch Kids
Actor(s): Keanu Reeves for his massive sexiness in leather, and Tom Hanks for his acting.
Actress(s): Drew Barrymore.
Music Genre: Rock.
Top 5 Bands: I'll name the first four before I name my absolute favorite. Incubus, The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd is my all-time favorite band. Their sound is unmatched by ANYONE, and they've always been ahead of their time. I can't say enough about them. If someone hasn't heard their music, go now, go find Dark Side of the Moon, turn off the lights, turn it up really loud, and lay back and listen. It's trippy without the drugs and the best music you'll ever hear.
Top 5 Albums: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, Revolver by The Beatles, Make Yourself by Incubus, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Morning View by Incubus
Top 5 Songs: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Let it Be by The Beatles, Us and Them by Pink Floyd, The Longest Time by Billy Joel, Stellar by Incubus
Lyric Line: "With, without: and who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about."
Day: Friday
Time: 8:00 AM on Saturday
Month: February, October, and December
Season: Autumn
Holiday(s): Christmas for the rush and excitement of gift giving, Halloween for dressing up. I love dressing up in costume.
Video Game Genre: Zelda-esque. Adventure/RPG/Action/Puzzle.
Top 5 Video Games: Anything Zelda, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart (all three), 007 Goldeneye, Super Mario Bros. 3
Top 5 Video Game Characters: Link, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Zidane
First Video Game: Super Mario Bros. (NES!!)
Last Video Game: Animal Crossing
Pet: Hamsters Spot and Rodent. Those hamsters were great. We weren't very nice to them, though. We had hamster races and made them run in (SHALLOW SHALLOW SHALLOW) water. Oh yeah, and we dressed them in Barbie clothes. Believe me, I would never do that to a hamster now. That's mean.
Acquaintance: Hmmmm...favorite acquaintance? I don't know if that's possible...Probably Megan or Tina.
Friend: Nosha and Shawn :)
Family Member: My mom
Lover: Shawn :) :) :)

Sex (65 Questions)

What turns you on? Shawn, kissing, baths, touching, cuddling, sex scenes (haha).
What attracts you to a person? Nice hair, nice eyes, nice arms, a funny and playful personality, kindness, generosity, spontaneousness (for lack of a better word).
Are you a virgin? Yes.
If so, why, and how close have you come? I think I'm too young to start doing that kind of thing, and I'm planning to wait till marriage. There and there. I said it. And how close have I come? Not too far to not be friends, I'll just say that.
Do you masturbate? No.
If so, how often, be HONEST: n/a
Any genital piercings: Nope. That would hurt like a bitch.
Any genital tattoos: No, that would also hurt like a bitch.
Your view on condoms: Umm, they're available at your closest convenience store. Since I don't do that kind of thing, I don't use them.
Do you use them? I don't have any use for them. I don't do that kind of thing.
(Male) How Big Is Your Cock?
(Male) Are You Cut/Uncut?
(Female) How Big Are Your Tits? Haha, so vulgar about it. 36D, if you must know.
(Female) How Are They Shaped? They're, um, round?
Favorite Sexual Position: I can't answer that. I wouldn't know.
Are you a good kisser (1-10): Hmmm...I guess so. I'll give myself a 7.
Are you good in bed (1-10): I wouldn't know. I've never had sex.
Are you more a top or a bottom? Well, if I have to choose, I'm pretty even between top and bottom.
Are you dominant or submissive? Both. I prefer being submissive.
Are you aggressive or passive? Okay, I lied. I'm passive sometimes when it comes to stuff like this.
Been in a three/four some: No, I find that disgusting.
Want to be in a three/foursome: No, I find it disgusting.
Ever read/seen pornography? No, I find that pornography is disgusting, degrading, and extremely sexist on both sides. It's men and women exposing themselves and selling their bodies for money. It's just as bad as prostitution, only much cheaper.
Ever starred in pornography? No. I would never.
Weirdest place you had sex: I've never had sex.
Weirdest place you have masturbated:
Best sex you have ever had (if you have): Haven't had it. Still a virgin :)
Worst sex you have ever had (if you have): See above.
Weirdest sex you have ever had (if you have): See above.
Most painful sex you have ever had (if you ever have): See above. But if I had to guess, anything anal would be quite painful.
Are you kinky? Yes. I would be willing to try different things.
If so, How kinky: How do I explain that? On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd gibe myself a 6.
Any Fulfilled Fantasy(s): I'm assuming this means sex fantasies, so no. Now, I have had fulfilled romantic fantasies :)
Did you enjoy it/them? Yes, the romantic ones.
Any Unfulfilled Fantasies? I'm still waiting for a few things.
What is your view on sex? I think it's a wonderful, beautiful thing that should be shared with the one you love and the one you want and have agreed to spend the rest of your life with. Sex is dirty and wrong and misused if you don't love the person you make love to.
5 words to describe sex w/ you: Umm...Well, I'll just guess. Loud, fast, slow, intimate, romantic.
First Sexual Experience? I'm still waiting for that.
Last Sexual Experience? See above.
Do you like any of these things?
Kissing Someone: Yes, I like kissing Shawn.
Being Kissed: Yes, being kissed is very romantic, especially when it's unexpected.
Holding Someone: I love it. I'm always here to hold people, especially Shawn.
Being Held: My favorite thing to do - I love to be held for long periods of time.
Nibbling: Hehe, yes.
Being Nibbled: But of course.
Biting: Biting is amusing :D
Being Bitten: Ah yes, as long as it doesn't hurt too much, I like it.
Groping: ...Errrr...Not really.
Being Groped: Ummm, I'm not really very sure about exactly what this is.
Handjobs/Fingerjobs (give): Maybe, I dunno.
Handjobs/Fingerjobs (get): Maybe, I dunno.
Oral Sex [give]: Errr...perhaps.
Oral Sex [get]: NO. UGH YUCK GROSS BLAH!!! I don't understand why people like doing that to us...ewwwwww...
Fucking [give]: I wouldn't know.
Fucking [get]: Yet again...I wouldn't know.
Tying Someone Up: Oh yes :)
Getting Tied Up: Definitely. Sounds like fun.
Dominating Someone: Sure, why not. It's fun to roleplay.
Being Dominated: Oh yes. I'm a bottom :)
Light Kink (food, teasing, stripping): Sure, sounds nice. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
Medium Kink (golden showers / role-play): No, that's gross. Licking eyeballs and crapping on eachother is pretty damned gross.
Heavy Kink (blood, scat, extreme pain): No, I think that people who do that kind of thing have serious problems and need therapy. Immediately.
S&M Light (spanking, biting, etc.): Sure, why not. No real harm in that stuff.

Love (40 Questions)

Are you single? Nope.
If so, how long have you been single? n/a
Are you taken? Yes'm.
If so, how long have you been taken? One year and eight months. Almost two years of wonderful bliss.
Are you a flirt? No. I'm definitely not the flirty boy-crazy let's-check-out-hot-guys type.
If so, then how do you do it? I don't. I never really look for boyfriends or anything. I just make friends with people and have crushes once in a while (that is, when I'm single).
Is sex a must in a relationship? No. I believe a wonderful, healthy, loving relationship is more possible without sex than with it. I've had a relationship this long without it.
How much sex should be in dating? Personally, I don't think any sex should be involved during dating. I'm a pretty firm believer in chastity.
How much sex should be in a relationship? None for an unmarried one. There are so many other wonderful things to do with your love besides sex. Besides, it's stressful to have to worry about performance.
How much sex should be in a marriage? As much as the couple (emphasis on COUPLE and not one person) feels they want or need.
Do you like to wait (for sex)? Yes. Like I said, I'm an advocate of chastity and against premarital sex.
If so, then how long? Until marriage.
What qualities (body) do you want in someone? I'll describe Shawn because I never really look for qualities until they're mine: dark, soft hair, gorgeous blue eyes, strong, muscular arms and legs, a little bit of something on them (not skinny, but built), strong shoulders, huggable, dimples :)
What qualities (mind) do you want in someone? Intelligent, open-minded, sense of humor, special talent, ambition, outgoing...ness?
What qualities (heart) do you want in someone? Playful, childlike,
What kind of relationship(s) have you been in? You mean, abusive or happy or whatever? Hmmm...I haven't been in anything abusive or sad and I haven't had any messy breakups. I'm happily in a relationship right now.
What kind of relationship(s) would you like? The kind where the two of us are best friends and eachothers' confidants/confidantes first, spending lots of time having fun together, and just sliding into the step further where there's hugging and kissing and gift-giving and loving like lovers involved, and if the relationship happens to end, we're able to continue being friends afterwards (I believe it's possible).
What was your first relationship like? I was in kindergarten, and his name was Steven Petrie. The only thing I can really remember about him was that he'd kiss me on the cheek just to annoy me, and we'd keep "breaking up" and getting back together again the next day. Nothing much else I can remember, but then again, I can't remember a whole lot from kindergarten, anyway.
What was your last relationship like? Before Shawn? That was Cameron in eighth grade. He was obsessed with video games, and since I happened to share an INTEREST (not an obsession, mind you) in video games, I became interested in him. We were friends for a little while and he was in my health/gym class, and then my friend Frances told me that "someone" liked me, and somehow I knew it was him since Cameron was good friends with Frances (she dated him for a little bit before). So there was that whole exciting flirting stuff where I'd see him and get butterflies and stuff. He was a pansy and refused to ask me out, so since I was big on web design back then, I made a webpage from my site that asked him out, and we were "going out" for about a month without actually going out, which I got kind of tired of. After a while, the passion faded and I started liking another one of my friends (I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened), and since I felt like I was cheating because my affections went elsewhere, I broke up with him. Typical middle school relationship.
Are you an affectionate person? Oh yes. I'm affectionate like a little puppy.
Are you affectionate in private? Of course. It's the best time to be affectionate with the one you love, just the two of you, sitting somewhere in eachother's arms, talking.
Are you affectionate in public? I'm more "playful" and flirty with Shawn in public. I don't like watching PDA, therefore, I don't do PDA.
Are you affectionate before family? No, that makes me nervous. I'm flirty and playful, but probably not as much as I am around other people. And I'm definitely less flirty with him around his mom.
Are you affectionate before friends? The ones I trust, yes. I can sit close to him and poke him and hug him in front of my friends without getting too nervous or feel like I'm doing PDA. However, I don't kiss him in front of anyone. It's really not because I'm embarrassed or anything (heaven knows I love him to death and I'd do anything for him), but I really hate watching people kiss/make out in public, so I'm assuming no one wants to watch me do it.
Are you affectionate after sex? I've never had sex, but when I do, of course I'll be affectionate. Sex is for love.
Have you ever loved someone? Yes.
Have you ever been loved? Yes.
Have you ever been ‘In Love’? Yes.
Have you ever had someone be ‘In Love’ with you? Yes :)
Belief: Love at first sight: No, that only happens in the movies. There's attraction at first sight that may incline you to talk to said attraction and later fall in love, but you can't love by sight.
Belief: Lust at first sight: Of course there's lust at first sight. Why do you think people go to malls and bars and movies to check out girls/guys? I've got several friends who go to the beach for the sole purpose of "checking out hot guys."
What does love mean to you? Love is everything, and it comes in several forms for me. First and foremost, family love: a member of my family could do something that could piss me off for days, but I would always forgive them, and I will always love them, no matter what. Even though we fight and argue, we're always here for eachother and I know, even though they would never admit it, my brothers would defend me if they had to, just as I would do the same for them and my parents. Secondly, there is friend love, which is almost as powerful as family love. I do everything I can to protect and help my friends, and I'm always here to listen to their problems. I stand up for them when other people put them down, and I scold them for the stupid things they do because I refuse to sit back and allow bad things to happen to them. I take the term "friend" very seriously and there are a select few whom I consider my true friends. Lastly, there is romantic love. It puts me in a state of bliss to know that I love someone and they love me back, truly and deeply. I would do crazy things for Shawn, and he'd do the same for me. I protect him in any way I can at all costs, and I defend him like I defend all of my friends, even when all of the odds are against me. Romantic love is friendship love with something really special added to it.
What does romance mean to you? Besides the cliché candles, music, chocolates, and dinner, I believe that when a guy is being romantic, he's showing in some unique way that he loves you. It could be as simple as apologizing for something he did when he usually doesn't bother to apologize. It's something out of the ordinary that he does just to show you he cares.
What does passion mean to you? Well, it could mean a couple of things. Passionate love is strong, crazy, unhindering love where you'd do anything to please your lover, where you feel empty when he/she isn't there and very happy when he/she is. Passionate lovemaking...Well, we all know what that is ;)
What does monogamy mean to you? It's very important to me, and I couldn't stay with a guy who refused to be in a monogamous relationship. I believe cheating is sick and wrong and I hope that people who do it feel like monsters afterwards, because they've just made their partner feel like the most incompetent, worthless human being in the world. May God and your partner have mercy on your soul. People who made a mistake and are truly sorry for cheating deserve a second chance, but people who constantly do it are deserving of nothing more than an STD from one of their one-night stands.
What does chemistry mean to you? Actually, I honestly don't know. I really don't know what they mean when they say "chemistry."
Do you want marriage someday? Yes, I do.
What kind of marriage would you like? Something happier than my parents' marriage, where the two of us can tell eachother everything, including things that the other does that bothers us, so we have no secrets or grudges between us. I hope that we can solve our problems without screaming at eachother or putting the other one down to make us feel better. I want a loving, wonderful, happy marriage, where I can grow old with my husband and still be happy. However, I want to be free to pursue my dreams and be who I want to be, and I refuse to be hindered or oppressed by any man. Any sign of sexism or male supremacy and I'm out of it.
Ever plan on living together? With a boyfriend? You know, I really don't know. I don't want to have sex before marriage, but I also don't want to date someone and marry him, then find out afterwards that I can't stand being in the same room with him for more than 24 hours.
What kind of living arrangement? I'd obviously want to live with my husband and sleep in the same bed.

WORLD TOPICS (30 questions)

How do you feel about ______?

Life, in general: Good things and bad things are going to happen in life, and I'm here to accept them. People are going to make me feel like I'm the greatest and most powerful person in the world, and others are going to make me feel so horrible that I'll feel as if I'm not worth the grain of sand stuck in their boot, but that's life. It's not perfect, and it's not all great, but there are too many good things to look forward to and to experience, and I live every day for the excitement that life has to offer. I was put on this earth for a reason, and I have no regrets.
Death, in general: It's a fact of life - everyone is going to die someday. I really don't have much to say, except I'm not really sure why it says, "death, in general," unless the maker of this survey has a dark sense of humor :D
The Afterlife: I find it exciting and scary. After reading Dante's Inferno, Hell is a scary, scary place. I do not want to be put there. I want to live forever in paradise. In fact, there are several things I want to do if I can if I make it to Heaven: I want to watch my entire life as if it were a movie, because I'd have eternity to do it. I'd want to ask God everything, from how the Earth was made to what "forever" means, and I'd want to travel all over the universe. I want to be with the ones I love forever and ever, happily living in God's Kingdom watching Earth.
The Millennium: What about it? It's happened already, and it's a new decade/century/millennium. Yippee. Eight-year-olds dressed like sluts in their midriffs and cell phones up the wazoo.
AIDS and the foundations: Am I supposed to think of these as bad things? I think AIDS is a terrible disease and I feel bad for anyone who has it, and I think the foundations are doing good things by raising money for awareness and cures. I hope someday we'll find a cure for AIDS.
Abortions: I truly believe that abortion is murder. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm a psycho-religious freak or anything, but I, myself, not under the influence of the Catholic Church or any other organization, believe that abortion is a horrible, horrible thing, and that the people who go through with it have gone through a terrible experience. It is not a woman's right, nor is it the "easy way out." There is no situation where abortion is a solution. We have no right to kill a baby just because he has Down's syndrome or another defect, or kill a baby because we made a mistake by having premarital/unprotected sex. By aborting a child, we assume that a developing baby is nothing more than a cyst or a tumor that can be removed with surgery, an "extra part" that grows unnecessarily. I hope that anyone traumatized with an abortion finds the help they need.
Cloning: I'm not really into the idea of cloning. I find it creepy and unnecessary, especially the idea of cloning humans. Somehow it just doesn't seem right that we're developing ways to clone random body parts and organs from cells from aborted babies. Humans have lived long enough without cloning - we all have to go sometime.
Homosexuality: There are homosexuals in the world. Big deal. I have several gay and lesbian friends, and they don't bother me whatsoever. In fact, it's ignorant homophobes that I can't stand - people who don't even bother to learn the facts about homosexuality. It doesn't "rub off" on other people when a homosexual touches someone, and a gay man is not more likely to hit on you than a straight woman. Just like heterosexuals, there are good, caring homosexuals and there are perverts - just because a person is homosexual doesn't mean they're going to ass-rape you or something. Live with them, love them, treat them like human beings, not like pets or trash.
Gays/Lesbians in Military: They're in the military. So what? Live with it. They're all over the place - school, work, the grocery store, restaurants, the doctor's office. Everywhere.
Gay/Lesbian Marriage: This one is a tough one for me, because I truly don't know what to make of it. I believe that gays and lesbians have the right to love whomever they choose, and have the right to live with their lover and have will benefits and whatnot; however, money benefits given to married couples for children should not be allotted for obvious reasons. Since most faith communities do not accept homosexual marriages, and since most people in the United States belong to one of these faiths, they should be allowed to keep the marriage title, but these so-called "civil unions" should have more rights and benefits added to the contracts. It's just a way to find a middle ground, because no one is going to win this battle without the other getting offended/oppressed.
Banning Smoking: Personally, I find smoking to be the most disgusting habit a person can possibly have, and I'm all for banning smoking if this is an actual issue. I'm sick of smelling the toxic smoke in public places, and I don't want to get cancer from second-hand smoke because some idiots decide they want to shorten their lives with tobacco. It's really not fair to those of us who don't smoke to have to put up with smokers. In reality, banning smoking would not work because it would be like the alcohol ban in the early part of this century - bootleg cigarettes, the mafia, etc. However, I firmly believe that this digusting madness needs to end.
Biotechnology: Well, if we're talking using bacteria in making products and finding cures, then go right ahead - that's how artificial insulin is made. Not all bacteria is bad. Also, without biotechnology, we wouldn't have the vaccines that we use to protect ourselves against diseases such as smallpox, tetanus, and Hepatitis. Go biotechnology.
Free Speech: I'm glad we all have free speech, but, like most freedoms, some people just take it too far. Yes, we should be allowed to critique our leaders, but it shouldn't go so far as tearing them down on every little mistake they make and claiming that just anyone could do better. It's like that for every election - we trash and trash and trash every candidate, but for God's sake, people, we have to vote for one of them!! However, I am quite glad that we do have the freedom to speak our minds and speak up about things that aren't right with the government or leadership without the fear of being thrown into prison.
The President: Blah, blah, blah, the president. Look, no one is perfect. And if anyone was perfect, it certainly wouldn't be George W. Bush. Like I said, we degrade every president we ever have, and we're still never satisfied. But you know what? We have to have a president to make this government work. So fine with me if you want a damned "The People's Republic of America" complete with dictator Bush, but live with it. Shit happens.
War in the Middle East: It's been drawn out too long and too far. Yes, we really needed to go in there and help the people. What I really thought was ridiculous was after we blew up several parts of their cities, we went in with planes and dropped food bundles basically saying, "Sorry we blew up your home. But have some food - we're here to save you!" It's just gone out of control now.
Our Environment: I am a strong advocate of recycling and keeping our water clean. What pisses me off to no end is when my dad keeps lecturing us about pouring grease down the drain (which we don't do anymore), and then he has the nerve to throw glass bottles and aluminum cans into the garbage can when we have a recycling bin literally three yards away. I confronted him about it and he said, "So what? It's not going to do anything." How can one not care about the environment? We have to live in it, and we can't just keep burying our trash and throwing it into the water - we destroy ecosystems, and eventually we will destroy our planet. And then what? Are we going to relocate to a moon on Jupiter? The moon? Mars? What's left for us? Do us a favor: recycle cans and bottles and don't flush your Prozac down the toilet. That's just stupid.
Aliens / UFOs / Roswell: How could they NOT exist? Our universe, as we believe, is infinite - billions and billions of stars billions of lightyears away, meaning billions of solar systems with billions of planets. What's the liklihood of there not being another planet like ours? Imagine if there were other elements, or chemicals, or types of life. Smaller than bacteria, larger than elephants - an endless possibility of life. And how do we know there aren't other intelligent beings? We don't. I really don't understand why so many people claim that they don't believe in life beyond Earth. They just have no imagination.
Other Religions [Buddhism, Hindu, Wicca]: Fine. Am I supposed to care or be threatened? They've been around, people practice them, and it's all good. The only kinds of religions I don't like and I believe are stupid and wrong are those that advocate killing or violence, and those that worship Satan, because honestly, people, Satan isn't going to give you a pretty red chair in Hell. He's going to freeze you in the permanent black ice of the last ring of Hell.
What should the ages be for =============
Curfew: 18, obviously. Until that age, you're still under the jurisdiction of your parents, and therefore, they OWN you.
Driving Age: 16. Look, I really don't have anything against the legal ages. I think it should be based on maturity, but obviously, there is no easy way to determine that.
Drinking Age: 21. In Ireland, the drinking age is 18, and yes, they really do have alcoholism problems.
Voting Age: Hmmm, this one is tricky. There are people under 18 who are more mature and better informed than their 40-year-old counterparts, but statistics also show that the age group with the lowest number of active voters is, not surprisingly, 18- to 21-year-olds. But actually, the number probably should be lowered to 16 for a good reason: since a lot of 16-year-olds work and have to pay income tax, because they don't have the right to vote, it's "taxation without representation," which, for those of you who don't pay attention to U.S. History, is one of those lovely reasons why we hated King George so much in the early days of our nation. 16-year-olds should be able to vote on how much they have to pay and exactly what their income tax is paying for.
Smoking Age: I think smoking is disgusting and no one should be allowed to.
Age of Consent: 18 is fine with me.
Are you happy with the world? The world isn't perfect - terrorism, killing, torture, sexism, racism, discrimination - but that's what we get with free will. Shit happens. What I want to do with my life is change the world, make it a better place to live for EVERYONE - not just one race, or one sex, or one class, but all people. I don't how I would do it, but I sure as hell would try.
Are you happy with life? Yes. I've got a loving family, a nice house, lots of good friends, and enough food, warmth, coolness, and stuff to keep me happy. I enjoy my life and I'm looking forward to living for several more decades.
Are you happy with yourself (mentally)? Ah, mentally. For the most part, yes. I have enough intelligence to tell the difference between truth and fiction. I know that people on TV weren't born perfect, I know that magazine models are airbrushed and pressured, and I know that not everyone is nice. I am open-minded, intelluctual, and creative. I am quite satisfied with my brains.
Are you happy with yourself (physically)? As much as I complain, I really am happy with myself. I was made this way for a reason, and if we all looked like skinny little boobless supermodels, then the world would be boring. I'm glad we're all different, and I'm glad I am unique compared to everyone else.
Are you happy with yourself (emotionally)? I have crazy emotions and I can't control them most of the time. It's quite aggravating and I wish there was something I could do, but perhaps it really is just hormones acting up. I hope i get better later.
What do you think of this Quiz? I found it entertaining and it allowed me to speak my mind. These kinds of surveys are of the best kind.


Three wishes:
(a djinn grants you three wishes.
You cannot wish for more, that’s it!)

Wish 1: See the universe and all of its glory. I want the power to travel to whereever I want, however fast I want, without the discomfort of spaceships and spacesuits. I want to see the stars, gaze in awe at the awesome size and color of nebulas, and see planets. I want to know what it's like out there.
Wish 2: For one month, all people will switch sexes. I want all superficial, mean guys to be girls with extreme features - big or small boobs, horrible periods, and/or overweight. Nice boys will be picked to be girls chosen at random. And of course, the same goes for girls. I want to see what it's like to be a boy, and I want men to know what it's truly like to be a girl.
Wish 3: I want discrimination to end. I don't understand why people are sexist, racist, homophobic, or anything. I especially hate sexism - why in the world do people treat women as "inferior beings"? I want to know the origin of this ridiculous notion.

Superhero (you):
(you have somehow become a superhero!)

Real Name: Oh, I am so totally going to be the character I made up in 7th grade, when I was absolutely OBSESSED with Sailor Moon. Rikouno Tori (last name first, first name second).
Superhero Name: Sailor Phoenix
Superpower 1: Massive awesome powers of lightning (yeah, I know it should've been flame power, but I didn't know much about the Phoenix back then. I kinda picked a random constellation and went with it.)
Superpower 2: Super speed (lightning fast - haha, get it?)
Superpower 3: Hmmm...Awesome agility for fighting - karate, kung fu, etc. Strong fighting woman.
Power Source: Power source? Ummm...the constellation Phoenix?
Weakness: Well, I'm trying to remember. She had a boyfriend that was previously a villain, so that's one. And scary catlike people. And having some constellation crystal taken away. I really can't remember much.
Costume: Well, for those of you that never saw Sailor Moon (Japanese version, PLEASE), it was like a shorter, skimpier version of a Japanese school uniform - white leotard-thing, short sea green skirt attatched, sea green kerchief on the shoulders, and a navy blue bow on the chest. Short white gloves with lime green trim, white boots with same said trim, and long, curly, flowing dark brown hair.
Rival: Two people, let's see if I can remember their names...Neko Senkata (some name my friend Nosha made up...she was an evil half-cat girl with two sisters, and she always scratched the hell out of people), and the evil older sister that I unfortunately can't remember the name of. She had purple hair, though.
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