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I just joined because I got a kick out of reading everyone elses answers so I thought I would take the quiz too. I am a bit sarcastic at times so if I offend anyone I apoligize now.

THE BASICS (30 Questions)

Name: Elizabeth Kristen
Nickname: Liz(the obvious),Kitty, Hope, Butterfly, Zil…I have been called alot
Titles: The Liz
Species: Human.
Racial Background: I am really not sure…
Blood Type: O+
Age: 23
Birth Date: February 10, 1981
Horoscope Signs: Aquarius
Year of the ???:I can’t remember…It wasn’t an animal I wanted to be. I think I am a roster
Hometown: El Paso
Location: TX
Eye Color/Type: Blue When I am sad they turn a light gray
Hair Color/Type: Blond but it has a lot of brown and redish undertones to it.
Height: 4 10 (all my official paperwork says five feet)
Weight: 122 lbs
Skin Tone/Color: Vary light skinned
Body Hair/Type: I have furry arms…I hate it
Body Structure: I used to be a stick (under 100 pounds) but I started eating right and building up my muscle tone and now I am vary happy with myself
Kind of Build: petite
Do you wear prescription glasses? Yes but I don’t wear them as much as I should (or ever really)
Do you wear sunglasses? No
Do you wear prescription contacts? I actually like my glasses better
Do you wear colored contacts? No I have always wanted to wear green ones though
Best Features (looks) my eyes (why I have never gone with green contacts) and I like my hair
Worst Features (looks):My nose, and my boobs.I am kind of touchy about my height because I am so tiny everyone thinks I am about 12. Nothing like being carded for an R rated movie when you are 22
Any piercings: Yes, one piercing in each ear. I am not really a piercing girl
Any tattoos: Yes two butterflies. One on my lower back and one between the shoulders
Transportation: 2004 black volts wagon gulf It’s name is FOB (Frist Owned Baby)
Pets:No... I want a kitten so bad…..


General Mood: I am happy for the most part
5 Words to Describe You: Petite, Helpful, Quiet, Thoughtful, Dreamer
What Type of Person are You : hmmmmm well…I don’t like large groups of people and I tend to be vary stand offish until you get to know me. I love trying new things and growing as a person(both spiritually and mentally) I can be extermly stubborn but I am also vary loyal so I kind of balance myself out. I am VARY emotional. Sometimes it can be a problem because I let my feelings over power my commonsense. I am a big art fan. Painting, music,you name it. Writing is my personnel outlet
What Scene/Stereotype: Everyone is there own person. I don’t understand peoples obsession with being able to label someone
What is your sexual preference? Straight
Best Features (personality):Creative. I am open minded. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and ideas. All I ask is that you respect me for mine as well and not try to force yourself and ideas on me
Worst Features (personality): I tend to be kinda lazy and when I get overly upset I just shut down.
How do you view the world? There are so many beautiful things about the world and so many bad things. I try to see the beautiful things all the time but sometimes I just get over whelmed with the pain.
What kind of work do you do? Right now I am in the military but I will be out in two months and going back to school full time.
What kind of hobbies do you have? Writing is my biggest hobby. I was taking a course for writing for children and teens but I had to temporarily withdraw. I paint and draw and recently I got into beading. I like to travel and I love to swim
Any goals for the future? I want to write children’s books and get my degree in multi media
Good Habits: I say my prayers every night. I am a good listener
Bad Habits: I bitch and moan a lot. Sometimes I let myself slip into depression and it takes a while to perk myself. I have a potty mouth
Motto or Code: Don’t have one
Do you have any passions? Yes.
If so, what are they? Usually I am pretty passionate about life in general (It has been a bad month) I would do anything for my family and friends. And I love my future husband to be with all my heart.
Do you have any ‘issues’? Everyone has issues. I try to keep mine to myself when ever possible
If so, what kind: (see above)
Religion/Beliefs: I wasn’t brought up in any religion. I was Wiccan for about five years and then I accepted Christ into my life.
What makes you happy? God, Vernon, my family and friends, flowers, butterflies, the outside in general. Doing anything artsy (I think it is creating something that gives me the thrill.) When I actually write something that doesn’t suck
Rate your personality 1-10: It varies from day to day. It depends on my emotional balance
Rate your love life 1-10: 10 :)
Rate your work life 1-10: 0. -100 (don’t get me wrong I have respect for my fellow troops and the things we do..(for the most part) but the military is a totally different life style then what normal people get to live and I want to go back to being one of the normal people)
Rate your social life 1-10: About an 8. I am not really super social but the times I am I enjoy it

Rate your spiritual life 1-10: About a 5. So much more room for improvement. Accepting Christ was just a major life style change for me. I was so used to being able to do what ever the hell I wanted without worrying about anything or anyone. God has another life for me and it is hard. I don’t want to be one of those followers that uses God’s word as a way to attack other people (That didn’t come out right but I am sure you can figure out what I mean.) I want God’s love to shine through me and sometimes I am not a good lamp.
Are you aggressive Sometimes
Are you passive? I can be when I feel overwhelmed.
Are you extroverted? I am going to have to say no. I can be vary friendly but for the most part I keep to myself around the majority.
Are you introverted? Around my friends and family.
Are you judgmental? That is a trick question… I have never meet anyone how hasn’t judged something at one time..it is human nature. I make a honest effort to catch myself when I am judging someone and try to see the beauty in them. I am really bad about judging myself however. I figure if someone is going to do it it might as well be me.
Are you accepting? Until you do something hurtful to someone else I don’t really have a problem with anything or anyone.
Are you friendly? Yes. Now if you make me mad I will let you know about it.
Are you a leader? If what I am leading is vary small I can lead. But I leave massive things up to other people to lead
Are you a follower? Unless it something I don’t believe is right. I won’t sell myself out if that is what you mean
Are you bitchy? When I feel used or if I see some one trying to use someone else for their personal gain Then I get mad. The minute you do something hurtful to one of my friends or a family member then it is all over. In general I am pleasant.

THE FAVORITE GAME! (50 Questions)

All questions refer to your favorite ____:

Alcoholic Drink: Used to be a margarita and long Island Ice Tea girl but I don’t really drink anymore. Every now and then I will have some wine
Non-Alky Drink: tea(warm or cold).
Juice: I like carrot juice (it is really good)
Soda: Cherry coke.
Appetizer: Mozzarella sticks or nachos
Bread Item: My mom used to make this honey wheat bread
Veggie/Side: Carrots  I used to believe they would clear up my vision problem..they didn’t but I like them anyway.
Fruit: Cherries, strawberries and peaches
Soup: Chicken noodle and tomato soup.
Main Dish [with meat]:Chicken parmesan over pasta .
Main Dish [no meat]:Roman noodles.(ok it isn’t a dish but if you add some fresh veggies it is. What can I say..I am poor and I like them)
Dessert: Cheesecake.Strawberry cup cakes with white frosting.
Candy: Snickers and jelly beans
Guilty Pleasure: I am a pop corn addict!!
Childhood Food: Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.
Perfume/Cologne:Don’t really wear it..but I like the Cool Water
Shampoo/Conditioner.Herbel Essence (I also like the shampoo that they came out with for blonds)
Hair Product: Herbal Essence hair gell.It holds my hair back without making it all nasty and stiff
Toothpaste:What ever is cheaper.
Soap/Bodywash:Lever 2000 body wash.
Fashion Line: If it is not to expensive and I like how it looks then I will get it. I don’t support any certain brand
Your Style:It has been called everything from goth to punk to hippie. Really I just wear what I feel like for the day.
Undie Type: Hmmm...Binkini. I hate thongs!!! Who ever made them was evil!!!
Footwear: Sandals.:) Or my ratty looking sneakers because they make my feet happy. I have this thing for my combat boots too
Hairstyle: pig tail braids or down. I have to stick my hair up everyday for work so I have come up with some interesting styles
Movie Genre: anything but war movies or porn. Give me a good fantasy or sci fi and I am happy
Top 5 Movies: Ouch…I have a long list of favorites..The ones I have watched most lately are Love Actually and Endless Summer of a Spotless Mind. I like Stir of Echoes, Labyrinth and Legend
Movie Food: Popcorn
Actor(s):Don’t really care as long as it isn’t Ben Affleck. I like Jonny Depp
Actress(s): Drew Barrymore and Allison Lohman
Music Genre: Anything but heavy rap and songs with sexually explict lyrics(I hate the songs about going out and getting some)
Top 5 Bands: LiVE is my all time favorite. I like Matchbox 20 and Marcy Playground, Evanescence and Aerosmith
Top 5 Albums Live’s Distance To Here. The Daredevil soundtrack (something had to be good about that movie) and the Soundtrack from Garden State. Matchbox 20 Yourself or Someone Like You and Evanescence c.d (forgot the name)
Top 5 Songs Dolphins Cry (Live), Iris (Goo Goo Dolls ) Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith) Enchanted (Katy Rose)Blue Eyes (Cary Brothers)
Lyric Line: Don’t know
Day: Saturday
Time: Doesn’t make a difference as long as I am not at work
Month: June
Season: Spring and early summer
Holiday(s): I am not really a big holiday person
Video Game Genre: I like the adventure games.
Top 5 Video Games: Echo the dolphin, Zelda, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Spyro the Dragon, and Wizards and Warriors ( this really old one where you played a knight and had to go through this haunted realm saving madians)
Top 5 Video Game Characters: Link, Echo, Kirby, Sonic, and Sypro
First Video Game: I had an Atari (enough said)
Last Video Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Pet: I can’t pick a favorite!!!
Acquaintance: I define acquantance as someone I didn’t bond with well enough to be friends with but someone too special to be part of the crowd… It would have to be Linda who was this old adorable british lady that I used to work with
Family Member: My mom wins that one hands down
Lover: The word “lover” always makes me think of those people in the 50 cent romance novels…. None of the men I have been with are that cheesy

Sex (65 Questions)

What turns you on? None of you business
What attracts you to a person? Personality. If you don’t have a personality don’t bother.
Are you a virgin? No and it really makes me feel shitty now because I am about to be married and I feel like a test driven car.I am not extremely test driven. (I wasn’t a whore or anything) I just wish I was more new and less used.
If so, why, and how close have you come? See above
Do you masturbate? Used to quite a bit but now it doesn’t really rock my world
If so, how often, be HONEST: It varies. A lot right before that time of the month because I get horney
Any genital piercings: Nope.Not a piercing girl.
Any genital tattoos: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!
Your view on condoms: Judging by the growing number of unwanted pregancies in our society I would say they aren’t used vary often.
Do you use them? No haven’t had sex in about two years
(Male) How Big Is Your Cock?
(Male) Are You Cut/Uncut?
(Female) How Big Are Your Tits? (frowns) I am not telling
(Female) How Are They Shaped? Vary round..actually rather perky (they would have to have something going for them.) One is alittle bigger then the other
Favorite Sexual Position:Tied down…yes please. I actually really like the missionary position. Either that or flat on my stomach.
Are you a good kisser (1-10): Beats me..(kisses hand)4…
Are you good in bed (1-10): I have had good times in bed…
Are you more a top or a bottom? bottom.
Are you dominant or submissive? submissive.
Are you aggressive or passive? Both
Been in a three/four some: No
Want to be in a three/foursome: No
Ever read/seen pornography? I have watched pornography and I wasn’t impressed at all. It actually kinda of made me feel a little sick. I had a thing for the written erotica but I just kinda stopped reading it and it hasn’t really mattered to me one way or the other
Ever starred in pornography? Ahhhh no….
Weirdest place you had sex: I plead the fifth…
Weirdest place you have masturbated:On that one too….
Best sex you have ever had (if you have): I am not going into details
Worst sex you have ever had (if you have): See above.
Weirdest sex you have ever had (if you have): See above.
Most painful sex you have ever had (if you ever have): See above.
Are you kinky? Sure
If so, How kinky: Depends on my mood
Any Fulfilled Fantasy(s): one…
Did you enjoy it/them? yep
Any Unfulfilled Fantasies? Obivously…
What is your view on sex? It can be a beautiful moment (day or two) shared between two people or it can be something that rips two people apart. It can make you feel warm inside or it can leave you feeling suicidal and betrayed. Against popular belief.. Sex is NOT the most important part of the relationship. Never have sex just to get someone to like you/love you because they don’t and probably never will. Having sex with some one you don’t stay with leaves you empty because you give a piece of yourself to that person and you don’t get those pieces back when you get tired of each other.
5 words to describe sex w/ you: Alot of time and patence….(5) I am not into quickies so it actually takes some effort.
First Sexual Experience? I am not going into details
Last Sexual Experience? See above.
Do you like any of these things?
Kissing Someone: Yes,
Being Kissed: Yes,
Holding Someone: I love it..
Being Held: The best part of sex for me is when it is over and you are just holding each other..
Nibbling:I am a biter.
Being Nibbled: not too hard…
Biting: “chomp”
Being Bitten: see above statement on being nibbled
Groping: I guess..
Being Groped: Nope…
Handjobs/Fingerjobs (give): Shrugs
Handjobs/Fingerjobs (get): yeah
Oral Sex [give]: I don’t like it (I have a bad gag flex and it makes me feel sick) but I will do it because they like it.
Oral Sex [get]: Yes please..
Fucking [give]: Everyone needs a good hard one every once and a while
Fucking [get]: See above
Tying Someone Up: Maybe…. I never have…I think it will ruin my joy of submission..
Getting Tied Up: (Offers up wrists)
Dominating Someone: Nah…It just isn’t my thing
Being Dominated: Haven’t I answered this…
Light Kink (food, teasing, stripping): Sure, sounds nice. Nothing really sticky though.
Medium Kink (golden showers / role-play): NEVER!! And sence we are on the topic of “never” anal entry is out as well
Heavy Kink (blood, scat, extreme pain): Alittle blood never hurt anyone…but it doesn’t sound like my thing…
S&M Light (spanking, biting, etc.): Maybe…
S&M Heavy (fisting, whipping, et.): whipping(looks interested)

Love (40 Questions)

Are you single? Nope.
If so, how long have you been single? n/a
Are you taken? Well if I am not single….
If so, how long have you been taken? Almost two years
Are you a flirt? Not intentionally. I have been told that I am but I can’t help how others view my actions
If so, then how do you do it? See above
Is sex a must in a relationship? While I look forward to having a physical relationship with my husband It is not my major motivation in our relationship and never has been.
How much sex should be in dating? Depends on how long you have been dating...
How much sex should be in a relationship? See above
How much sex should be in a marriage? How ever much the couple decides
Do you like to wait (for sex)? Wish I had..
What qualities (body) do you want in someone? They have to have alittle meat to them because bones hurt. And I don’t really like hairy men
What qualities (mind) do you want in someone? Intelligent, open-minded, sense of humor, ambition,
What qualities (heart) do you want in someone? Kindness,love Some one not selfish
Kind relationship(s) have you been in? Lots..good ones, pretty bad ones.. the list goes on

What kind of relationship(s) would you like? The one I have. All my other relationships had my male counter part being in control of what went on and what I did. All I have ever wanted is a 50/50 relationship where we both decide what happens in our life instead of one person being in control and carrying all the wieght.
What was your first relationship like? A boy named Will in Second grade. We would pretend I was his unicorn
What was your last relationship like? Before Vernon? John. I broke up with him because he slept around on me.
Are you an affectionate person? Yes. Sometimes to the point of being clingy. But rarely in public
Are you affectionate in private? Yes
Are you affectionate in public? Hand holding and stuff like that. Hugs. I hate watching people exchange saliva in public places so I don’t make others watch me.
Are you affectionate before family? Not really.
Are you affectionate before friends? Not really. Kissing and stuff around friends is still kissing and stuff in public
Are you affectionate after sex? Being held...Little kisses. It always hurt my feelings a lot when guys just brushed me off and passed out after sex so I try to do at least something affectionate afterwards.
Have you ever loved someone? Yes.
Have you ever been loved? Yes.
Have you ever been ‘In Love’? Yes.
Have you ever had someone be ‘In Love’ with you? Yes :)
Belief: Love at first sight Love has nothing to do with physical apperance but sometimes you just get this “vibe” from a person that makes you want to get to know them. I wouldn’t call it “love” though
Belief: Lust at first sight: Of course.
What does love mean to you? Love makes the world go round.
What does romance mean to you romance is the little things you do for each other just to show you care. It can be as little as a little note that says “I love you” or as extensive as a candle lit dinner (or bath  )
What does passion mean to you? Passion is the thing that drives you. It can be sexual but most of the time it is the strong emotion that comes from doing or being around someone/something you love
What does monogamy mean to you? If you are going to have a relationship with me then you are going to have a relationship with ME. No one else. No exceptions.
What does chemistry mean to you? I haven’t really though about it.
Do you want marriage someday? Yes, I do.
What kind of marriage would you like? One of the till death do us parts ones. Communication is important and it will be a big part of my marriage. I don’t want to fight all the time like my parents did and I don’t want to have kids right away like they did either
Ever plan on living together? With a boyfriend? When we get married we will live together.
What kind of living arrangement? Apartment, house..something like that

WORLD TOPICS (30 questions)

How do you feel about ______?

Life, in general: Life is what you make it. I used to go through life as a weepy victem of circumstance and I refuse to be one of those any more. I also refuse to let my depression problem control my life. I believe God has a plan for me and for everyone else but I am still the one who walks the path and I am going to keep at it for as long as I can. Life is full of pain and joy and laughter and hate. You enjoy the good days and get through the bad days the best you can.
Death, in general: You live you die…
The Afterlife: Heaven
The Millennium: I don’t know what the hell the whole Millennium thing was all about anyway…We are in another war and everyone has a cell phone. Yoo Hoo
AIDS and the foundations: That is a horrible disease and I hurt for the people who have it. I feel bad for anyone who has a disease like AIDS or a form of cancer and other such stuff. Any type of organization that eases the pain and helps the families to cope is good by me
Abortions: I personally believe that abortion is murder. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise. I would NEVER EVER kill my baby intentionally and that is what abortion is..you are killing the baby inside of you………………………………… Even after saying that, I can’t and won’t make that decision for everyone. If it isn’t my body and my life then I can’t decide and I have a problem with people who try to decide what other people should do with themselves.
Cloning: I'm not really into the idea of cloning. So we can make animals…and? I am totally 100% percent against human cloning. Hello..we can’t even take care of the people in the world now..and we want to clone more? The thought of cloning people for organs interested me until I read My Sisters Keeper which was about a family that cloned a daughter to be a donor for their other sick child. The book was fiction but it pointed out that while the organs from cloned humans would indeed help those sick the organs are still coming form living breathing humans (wither cloned or not) with feelings. What are we thinking??
Homosexuality Homosexuals have been around forever. What is the big deal about it now?
Gays/Lesbians in Military: They are in the military and the military is still functioning fine.
Gay/Lesbian Marriage: I don’t care
Banning Smoking: Never going to happen.
Biotechnology: I really don’t know enough about it to be able to have an opinion
Free Speech: Is becoming a pain in the ass. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but people are using the right to be abusive to other people’s opinions and lives. I am not saying that you have to agree with everything being said(part of freedom of speech is the freedom to disagree) but there are ways to get your point a crossed without having to be so hateful.

The President: Everyone makes mistakes..he has just make a lot of them. I think he has a good heart and good intentions underneath it all but he lied and the mistakes he has made have cost millions their lives and families a lot of pain.
War in the Middle East: Needs to stop. Those people don’t want us there and if another country came into the U.S and started bombing our buildings and telling us how to run our government we would be pissed as well.
Our Environment: It really makes me sad how we have just destroyed our home. Air pollution and trash everywhere. Soon there isn’t going to be an environment to protect and then what…go to another planet and destroy it too?
Aliens / UFOs / Roswell: (shrugs) I have never seen one. If they are out there good for them.
Other Religions [Buddhism, Hindu, Wicca]: All religion is a group of people that share the same beliefs. Everyone is entitled to believe and live the way they want until it causes harm to some one else

What should the ages be for =============
Curfew: My kids will have one.
Driving Age: 16 is fine with me. If they pass the class and drivers ed then more power to them
Drinking Age: Doesn’t matter. People drink anyway regardless to age.
Smoking Age: See above
Age of Consent: 21
Are you happy with the world? Nope. People treat each other like shit. Rape, child abuse, murder, people living on the streets the list goes on. There is always some new interest group set up to benefit the people in it and nobody else. The world is all about gizmos and gadgets. Am I supposed to be all happy go lucky because we have cell phones and color t.v’s and “oh look at the pretty car.” Humanity is need of a make over
Are you happy with life I am happy with my life. I have great friends and a wonderful family. I am about to be married to a wonderful man. I just wish other people could be as happy as I am
Are you happy with yourself (physically)? No not really. I can find something to change everyday when I look in the mirror but how I look doesn’t have any impact on what kind of person I am day to day. I would rather have inner beauty that is showing then outer beauty that is going to waste away as I get older anyway
Are you happy with yourself (emotionally) I still have a problem controlling my ups and downs but I have gotten so much better at it. I still have days where I can’t find a reason to get out of bed but I get through them and I am happier then I have ever been

What do you think of this Quiz? Vary long but it was fun to take.
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