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the only broken hearted loser you'll ever need.

okay, i am a loser and decided to fill this shiznit out

THE BASICS (30 Questions)

Name: Justice
Nickname: j-dizzle
Titles: idk?
Racial Background: white?
Blood Type:idk
Age: 14
Birth Date: September 17th 1990 
Horoscope Signs: virgo.
Year of the ???: horse
Hometown:  Georgetown
Location: columbus
Eye Color/Type:  green?
Hair Color/Type:  blonde/dyed black
Height: 5, 4"
Weight: 150?
Skin Tone/Color: somewhat pale
Body Hair/Type: idk?
Body Structure: fat
Kind of Build:no
Do you wear prescription glasses? yeah
Do you wear sunglasses? sometimes
Do you wear prescription contacts? i have
Do you wear colored contacts? no
Best Features (looks): my eyes
Worst Features (looks): my face
Any piercings: not yet
Any tattoos: not yet
Transportation: bus/grandparents
Pets: 1 dog, snuggles.


General Mood: depressed
5 Words to Describe You:  depressed, worried, axcietiesed, worthless,sick
What Type of Person are You: loner 
What Scene/Stereotype: emo/punk
What is your sexual preference? female
Best Features (personality): i hide the way I REALLY feel some times.
Worst Features (personality): i always feel like shit.
How do you view the world? over sooner or later.
What kind of work do you do?  homework?
What kind of hobbies do you have?  internet, msn ING.
Any goals for the future? live to 18
Good Habits: doing my work.
Bad Habits: cutting?
Motto or Code: "When you die, you go to heaven, till then, welcome to hell"
Do you have any passions? Lindsey
If so, what are they? Lindsey
Do you have any ‘issues’? Depression
If so, what kind: Depression
Religion/Beliefs: some.
What makes you happy? lindsey
Rate your personality 1-10:1
Rate your love life 1-10:2
Rate your work life 1-10:4
Rate your social life 1-10:7
Rate your spiritual life 1-10:2
Are you aggressive? somewhat
Are you passive? somewhat
Are you extroverted? ?
Are you introverted? ?
Are you judgmental? some times.
Are you accepting? some times.
Are you friendly? not really.
Are you a leader? not really anymore.
Are you a follower? no.
Are you bitchy? yes.

THE FAVORITE GAME! (50 Questions)

All questions refer to your favorite ____:  thign
Alcoholic Drink: smirnoff
Non-Alky Drink: coke
Juice: apple
Appetizer: cheese sticks
Bread Item: normal?
Veggie/Side: none
Fruit: banana?
Soup: abc soup
Main Dish [with meat]: chicken
Main Dish [no meat]: idk?
Dessert: vanilla icecream
Candy: gum
Guilty Pleasure: sleeping
Childhood Food: baby applesause
Perfume/Cologne: AXE
Shampoo/Conditioner: any?
Hair Product: any?
Toothpaste: any?
Soap/Bodywash:  any?
Fashion Line: any?
Your Style: punk-rock/emo
Undie Type: boxers
Footwear: chuck taylor, converse
Hairstyle: long hair?
Movie Genre: sad/horror/funny
Top 5 Movies: Girl, inerupted. Panicroom, SAW. The grudge. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Movie Food: popcorn
Actor(s):  /
Actress(s): winona ryder 
Music Genre: emo/punk
Top 5 Bands: taking back sunday, thursday,  hawthorne heights, smile empty soul, dashboard confessional.
Top 5 Albums: idk?
Top 5 Songs: over and over, this bitter pill, several ways to die,again i go unnotticed, cant touch this, only one.
Lyric Line: "and i cant keep picturing you with him"
Day: friday
Time: 7:11
Month: january
Season: fall
Holiday(s): christmas.
Video Game Genre:none.
Top 5 Video Games:?
Top 5 Video Game Characters: ?
First Video Game: ?
Last Video Game:?
Pet: snuggles/dog
Acquaintance: stranger from jail i met in an ally, and used my cell phone.
Friend: KayLynnHickey
Family Member: mom
Lover: lindsey

Sex (65 Questions)

What turns you on? smiles
What attracts you to a person? personality/looks
Are you a virgin? yes
If so, why, and how close have you come? cause im cool enough.. none of your bussiness.
Do you masturbate?  none of your bussiness.
If so, how often, be HONEST: see above
Any genital piercings: nope.
Any genital tattoos: nope.
Your view on condoms: they DONT work
Do you use them? never had to.
(Male) How Big Is Your Cock? NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS
(Male) Are You Cut/Uncut? NONE OF UR BUSSINESS
(Female) How Big Are Your Tits? -
(Female) How Are They Shaped? -
Favorite Sexual Position: --------
Are you a good kisser (1-10):  i dont know.
Are you good in bed (1-10):  i dont know.
Are you more a top or a bottom? i dont know.
Are you dominant or submissive? i dont know.
Are you aggressive or passive? passive?
Been in a three/four some: NO
Want to be in a three/foursome:i dont think so. 
Ever read/seen pornography? yes
Ever starred in pornography? LEMME TELL YOU, EVERY WEEK!
Weirdest place you had sex: havent
Weirdest place you have masturbated: idk?
Best sex you have ever had (if you have): --
Worst sex you have ever had (if you have): ---
Weirdest sex you have ever had (if you have):---
Most painful sex you have ever had (if you ever have):---
Are you kinky?  sure why not, lets go with that one.
If so, How kinky: wayy kinky baby, j/k.
Any Fulfilled Fantasy(s): sure? why not?
Did you enjoy it/them? sure, why not?
Any Unfulfilled Fantasies? sure, why not?
What is your view on sex? wait till your married.
5 words to describe sex w/ you: ?
First Sexual Experience? ?
Last Sexual Experience?  ?
Do you like any of these things? ?
Kissing Someone: i have done it, and will do it?
Being Kissed: i like it?
Holding Someone: i love it.
Being Held: i feel good
Nibbling: on the ears?
Being Nibbled: ear?
Biting: noo
Being Bitten: no
Being Groped: idk?
Handjobs/Figerjobs (give): sure why not, every night. NOT/
Handjobs/Figerjobs (get): Nottttt....
Oral Sex [give]: uh, sure every day im alive// OR NOT.
Oral Sex [get]: ------------
Fucking [give]:----------------
Fucking [get]:--------------------
Tying Someone Up:---------
Getting Tied Up:-----------------
Dominating Someone:------------------
Being Dominated:----------------------
Light Kink (food, teasing, stripping----------------):
Medium Kink (golden showers / role-play):-----------------
Heavy Kink (blood, scat, extreme pain):--------------------
S&M Light (spanking, biting, etc.):-----------------
S&M Heavy (fisting, whipping, et.):------------------

Love (40 Questions)

Are you single? sadly, yes
If so, how long have you been single? 2 or 3 months
Are you taken? no
If so, how long have you been taken? havent
Are you a flirt? not really, sometimes though/
If so, then how do you do it? just hugging, touching?
Is sex a must in a relationship? No.
How much sex should be in dating? none. unless your getting married.
How much sex should be in a relationship? none/
How much sex should be in a marriage? as much as wanted by both?
Do you like to wait (for sex)? yes
If so, then how long? till im married
What qualities (body) do you want in someone? idk?
What qualities (mind) do you want in someone? smarts?
What qualities (heart) do you want in someone? love.
What kind of relationship(s) have you been in? Loving ones.
What kind of relationship(s) would you like? loving ones.
What was your first relationship like? cool i guess.
What was your last relationship like? sad.
Are you an affectionate person? yes
Are you affectionate in private? yes
Are you affectionate in public? yes
Are you affectionate before family? yes
Are you affectionate before friends? yes
Are you affectionate after sex? idk?
Have you ever loved someone? yes
Have you ever been loved? i dont know..
Have you ever been ‘In Love’? yes
Have you ever had someone be ‘In Love’ with you?  i think
Belief: Love at first sight:  somewhat
Belief: Lust at first sight:  YES
What does love mean to you? waiting, and being acceptive
What does romance mean to you?  loveing.
What does passion mean to you? love
What does monogamy mean to you? ?
What does chemistry mean to you? a class in school/
Do you want marriage someday? yes
What kind of marriage would you like? a loving/trusting one
Ever plan on living together? yes
What kind of living arrangement? different rooms till marriage?

WORLD TOPICS (30 questions)

How do you feel about ______?

Life, in general:  hate it
Death, in general:  im ready when its ready
The Afterlife: i believe in it/
The Millennium: it was gay
AIDS and the foundations: i think it will sooner or later be fixed?
Abortions: HATE THEM!
Cloning: its good as long as it isnt on animals.
Homosexuality: not good.
Gays/Lesbians in Military: dont care?
Gay/Lesbian Marriage: dont care? but read the bible, it says NO.
Banning Smoking: NO
Biotechnology: idk?
Free Speech:  ALL THE WAY.
The President: is gay
War in the Middle East: ia gay 
Our Environment: sucks
Aliens / UFOs / Roswell: they are all awesome?
Other Religions [Buddhism, Hindu, Wicca]: doesnt face me?
What should the ages be for =============
Curfew: none?
Driving Age: 13
Drinking Age: 16
Voting Age: 14
Smoking Age: 14
Age of Consent: doesnt matter.
Are you happy with the world? no
Are you happy with life? no
Are you happy with yourself (mentally)? no
Are you happy with yourself (physically)? no
Are you happy with yourself (emotionally)? no
What do you think of this Quiz?its fine


Three wishes:
(a djinn grants you three wishes.
You cannot wish for more, that’s it!)

Wish 1: every punkrock/emo cd ever.
Wish 2: smartest person in the world.
Wish 3:the djinn to live with me forever and make me happy.

Superhero (you):

 (you have somehow become a superhero!)

Real Name: charles
Superhero Name: super
Superpower 1: flying
Superpower 2: staying alive forever
Superpower 3:being happy forever
Power Source: smiles.
Weakness: tears
Costume: naked body
Rival: the internet

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