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The Love Song of A. Robert Speirs


THE BASICS (30 Questions)

Name: Andrew
Nickname: Speirs
Titles: Mr.
Species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Racial Background: Typical Canadian euro-mutt.
Blood Type: B-
Age: 19
Birth Date: 12/16/84
Horoscope Signs: Sagittarius
Year of the ???: Rat
Hometown: Kelowna
Location: See above
Eye Color/Type: Brown, specticaled
Hair Color/Type: Black, medium length, wavy
Height: 6'
Skin Tone/Color: Palish yellow
Body Hair/Type: Evenly coated
Body Structure: Average
Kind of Build: Average
Do you wear prescription glasses? Yes I do
Do you wear sunglasses? Not often
Do you wear prescription contacts? Sometimes in the summer
Do you wear colored contacts? No
Best Features (looks): Hair, beard of might, arms, rockin' ass, roman nose
Worst Features (looks): I'm not a fan of my cheeks, but since I've grown the beard of might, I haven't seen much of them.
Any piercings: Nope
Any tattoos: Not yet
Transportation: '89 Chevy Celebrity, Blue
Pets: I own a dog, and just this afternoon I bought a Spiny Mouse who goes by the name of Mycroft


General Mood: Happy
5 Words to Describe You: Speirsesque, Utilitarianistic, Sardonic, Askew, Thirsty
What Type of Person are You: There's no way I can condense that
What Scene/Stereotype: Part old school gamer, part english geek, part stoner, part yuppie
What is your sexual preference? Straight
Best Features (personality): World renowned sense of humour, objectivity, willingness to learn
Worst Features (personality): Quick temper, acid tounge, lack of self control
How do you view the world? From many perspectives
What kind of work do you do? I am a barista and a university student
What kind of hobbies do you have? I collect books, play video games, and watch slasher movies ad nauseum
Any goals for the future? I'm hoping to become a linguistic anthropologist
Good Habits: Cracking jokes, reading
Bad Habits: Ether, getting angry
Motto or Code: I have a lot, but if I had to choose one, I'd go with "All things serve the machine"
Do you have any passions? Oh yes
If so, what are they? I'm passionate about my family, mostly
Do you have any ‘issues’? Yep
If so, what kind: This odd combo of left and right, though not quite centerist, views. Up here we call people like me Red Tories
Religion/Beliefs: Catholic with agnostic moments, but mostly I make it up as I go.
What makes you happy? Puppies
Rate your personality 1-10: 8
Rate your love life 1-10: 8
Rate your work life 1-10: 9
Rate your social life 1-10: 7
Rate your spiritual life 1-10: 8
Are you aggressive? Very
Are you passive? At times
Are you extroverted? With people I know
Are you introverted? with strangers
Are you judgmental? Rarely
Are you accepting? Usually
Are you friendly? Absolutely
Are you a leader? Only when I need to be
Are you a follower? Only if the leader is doing well
Are you bitchy? I can be

THE FAVORITE GAME! (50 Questions)

All questions refer to your favorite ____:

Alcoholic Drink: Scotch
Non-Alky Drink: Ginger ale
Juice: Apple
Soda: Ginger ale
Appetizer: Kalamari
Bread Item: Crackers
Veggie/Side: Potato salad
Fruit: Plum
Soup: Beef barley
Main Dish [with meat]: Flank steak, or maybe pot roast
Main Dish [no meat]: I don't know, it's rare that I not eat meat
Dessert: Cheesecake
Candy: Chocolate
Guilty Pleasure: Ether
Childhood Food: Cherry 7up
Perfume/Cologne: Brut
Shampoo/Conditioner: none really
Hair Product: I don't know
Toothpaste: Whichever
Soap/Bodywash: No preference
Fashion Line: See above
Your Style: Comfort. Usually I have a plainish pair of pants, a t-shirt, and a dress shirt over top, unbuttoned
Undie Type: Boxers
Footwear: Sneakers
Hairstyle: Brushed back
Movie Genre: Slasher
Top 5 Movies: Falling Down, Night of the Living Dead, Army of Darkness, Ghostbusters, Last Samurai
Movie Food: Popcorn
Actor(s): Bruce campbell, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, The Depp
Actress(s): Not sure
Music Genre: Old fashioned rock
Top 5 Bands: Kings of Leon, The Guess Who, Headstones, Deep Purple, The Trews
Top 5 Albums: Youth and Young Manhood, Bat Boy the Musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, Powertrip, Trouser
Top 5 Songs: Happy Alone, Wasted Time, Holy Roller Novacaine, Shrug, Spiral Staircase
Lyric Line: "Don't you worry baby/You won't feel a thing/Close your eyes/Holy Roller Novacaine"
Day: Thursday
Time: 10 am
Month: August
Season: Fall
Holiday(s): Thanksgiving
Video Game Genre: Pretty much anything with a good story. Action adventure I suppose
Top 5 Video Games: Prince of Persia, Max Payne (Both of them), Super Mario World, Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger
Top 5 Video Game Characters: Link, Samus, Mario, Max Payne, Ganondorf Dragmire
First Video Game: I'm not sure. Donkey Kong I think
Last Video Game: Last game I finished was Prince of Persia
Pet: My dog
Acquaintance: I'm not sure
Friend: Andy
Family Member: My mom
Lover: My girlfriend

Sex (65 Questions)

What turns you on? Oh plentry
What attracts you to a person? Good hair, good smile, great rack
Are you a virgin? No
If so, why, and how close have you come? n/a
Do you masturbate? Yep
If so, how often, be HONEST: once every couple of days
Any genital piercings: Absolutely not
Any genital tattoos: Nope
Your view on condoms: Not a fan
Do you use them? no
(Male) How Big Is Your Cock? Little over 7 inches
(Male) Are You Cut/Uncut? Cut
(Female) How Big Are Your Tits?
(Female) How Are They Shaped?
Favorite Sexual Position: Missonary, oddly enough
Are you a good kisser (1-10): 8 or 9, I like to think
Are you good in bed (1-10): 9
Are you more a top or a bottom? Top
Are you dominant or submissive? Dominant
Are you aggressive or passive? Agressive
Been in a three/four some: Nope
Want to be in a three/foursome: I'd considered it
Ever read/seen pornography? Yep
Ever starred in pornography? Nope
Weirdest place you had sex: No particularly weird places.
Weirdest place you have masturbated: I try to keep it simple
Best sex you have ever had (if you have): Nothing special about it, it's just usually great with my girlfriend
Worst sex you have ever had (if you have): See above
Weirdest sex you have ever had (if you have): None really
Most painful sex you have ever had (if you ever have): Again, none
Are you kinky? Somewhat
If so, How kinky: There are no depths to my depravity, though I don't really have the imagination for it when it comes to these things
Any Fulfilled Fantasy(s): Oh yes ;)
Did you enjoy it/them? Yep
Any Unfulfilled Fantasies? Several
What is your view on sex? Thumbs up
5 words to describe sex w/ you: I'm not sure, I've never had sex with myself
First Sexual Experience? My girlfriend on an anniversary
Last Sexual Experience? This weekend, at work
Do you like any of these things?
Kissing Someone: Yep
Being Kissed: Yep
Holding Someone: Yep
Being Held: Yep
Nibbling: Yep
Being Nibbled: Yep
Biting: Yep
Being Bitten: Oh yes
Groping: Very much
Being Groped: Slightly less but still yeah
Handjobs/Figerjobs (give): Yeah
Handjobs/Figerjobs (get): Damn right
Oral Sex [give]: Very much so
Oral Sex [get]: Same
Fucking [give]: Yep
Fucking [get]: Yep yep
Tying Someone Up: You bet
Getting Tied Up: Mmm-hmm
Dominating Someone: Damn right
Being Dominated: Not so much
Light Kink (food, teasing, stripping): Very much so
Medium Kink (golden showers / role-play): Mostly
Heavy Kink (blood, scat, extreme pain): Not the examples you've given, no
S&M Light (spanking, biting, etc.): Yep
S&M Heavy (fisting, whipping, et.): Slightly

Love (40 Questions)

Are you single? No
If so, how long have you been single? n/a
Are you taken? Yes
If so, how long have you been taken? Little over two years
Are you a flirt? Absolutely
If so, then how do you do it? Verbally, mostly
Is sex a must in a relationship? No
How much sex should be in dating? As much as both want
How much sex should be in a relationship? Same as above
How much sex should be in a marriage? Same again
Do you like to wait (for sex)? Yes
If so, then how long? Until the right moment
What qualities (body) do you want in someone? Great set, good hair, good smile, good laugh, cheekbones, slightly overweight
What qualities (mind) do you want in someone? Intelligence, talent, knowledge
What qualities (heart) do you want in someone? Compassion, understanding
What kind of relationship(s) have you been in? Odd ones
What kind of relationship(s) would you like? Solid ones
What was your first relationship like? It was nice
What was your last relationship like? It's great
Are you an affectionate person? Usually
Are you affectionate in private? Typically
Are you affectionate in public? Yeah
Are you affectionate before family? Not as much
Are you affectionate before friends? Yeah
Are you affectionate after sex? Oh yes
Have you ever loved someone? Yep
Have you ever been loved? Yes
Have you ever been ‘In Love’? Yes
Have you ever had someone be ‘In Love’ with you? Yes
Belief: Love at first sight: In certain cases
Belief: Lust at first sight: Obviously
What does love mean to you? The height of all emotions balled into one
What does romance mean to you? hollywood stuff
What does passion mean to you? Intensity
What does monogamy mean to you? One partner
What does chemistry mean to you? Study of chemicals
Do you want marriage someday? Yes
What kind of marriage would you like? A terrible one. What kind of question is this?
Ever plan on living together? Next year
What kind of living arrangement? Apartment or something

WORLD TOPICS (30 questions)

How do you feel about ______?

Life, in general: Alright
Death, in general: So it goes
The Afterlife: Uncertain
The Millennium: Meh
AIDS and the foundations: I don't see how it's such a problem. Don't have unsafe sex, don't share needles. Problem solved.
Abortions: Pro-choice
Cloning: The implications are creepy, but it does have some good points
Homosexuality: To each his own
Gays/Lesbians in Military: I don't really see the problem
Gay/Lesbian Marriage: I'm proud to be in one of the first provinces to legalize it
Banning Smoking: I can understand it in certain places, but not all
Biotechnology: It's going to have its heyday in the next 2 or 3 decades
Free Speech: Provided you have something worthwhile to say
The President: Not a huge fan
War in the Middle East: If he'd just say "I want the oil" I'd be cool with it
Our Environment: Wise Use
Aliens / UFOs / Roswell: Who knows
Other Religions [Buddhism, Hindu, Wicca]: Go for it
What should the ages be for =============
Curfew: Depends on the kid and the parent
Driving Age: 16 is fine
Drinking Age: 18
Voting Age: 19
Smoking Age: 18
Age of Consent: 16
Are you happy with the world? Not really
Are you happy with life? It's alright
Are you happy with yourself (mentally)? Not at the moment
Are you happy with yourself (physically)? Pretty well
Are you happy with yourself (emotionally)? Yeah
What do you think of this Quiz? It's somewhat long and repetative


Three wishes:
(a djinn grants you three wishes.
You cannot wish for more, that’s it!)

Wish 1: Riches
Wish 2: The largest library in the world
Wish 3: Powers

Superhero (you):
(you have somehow become a superhero!)

Real Name: Andrew
Superhero Name: The Nemesis
Superpower 1: Speed
Superpower 2: Strength
Superpower 3: Invulnerability
Power Source: Will
Weakness: None whatsoever
Costume: Green trenchcoat, multiuse umbrella
Rival: Anyone who would read the quiz this far, sicko.
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