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Yay Me!

Name: Claudia
Nickname: Claude, Dirt Clod, MoMo
Titles: The Great
Species: Human, I Hope
Racial Background: Hispanic
Blood Type: A+
Age: 21 (in a little over a week. YAY!)
Birth Date: February 13, 1983
Horoscope Signs: Aquarius
Year of the ???: Pig
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Location: Long Beach, CA
Eye Color/Type: Brown behind Thick Black Glasses
Hair Color/Type: Black and Red and Very Short
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135
Skin Tone/Color: Olive
Body Hair/Type: Clean Shaven
Body Structure: Average
Kind of Build: Average
Do you wear prescription glasses? Yes Indeed
Do you wear sunglasses? If I Ever HAppen To Venture Outside, Yes
Do you wear prescription contacts? Nope
Do you wear colored contacts? Nope
Best Features (looks): I Like My Eyes and My Waistline
Worst Features (looks): My Nose and My Chin - Both Too Big.
Any piercings: My Ears Were Pierced at One Point, I Think
Any tattoos: 1 Removed
Transportation: 1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac (Turbo)
Pets: There's Some Possums Out Back, and My Cat Bubba at My Mom's House


General Mood: Groggy
5 Words to Describe You: Lazy, Geeky, Shy, Grammar Nazi
What Type of Person are You: I Dunno, Your Typical Geek?
What Scene/Stereotype: Geek
What is your sexual preference? I'm A Lesbian With A Boyfriend
Best Features (personality): I Always Have A Shoulder Available To Cry On and My Sense of Humor Is Impeccable
Worst Features (personality): I'm Easy To Take Advantage of and I Don't Take Anything Seriously
How do you view the world? It's Out There and I'm in Here
What kind of work do you do? I am a Slacker
What kind of hobbies do you have? I am a Slacker
Any goals for the future? Nope
Good Habits: I'm Pretty Clean, I Guess
Bad Habits: I'm a Lazy Slacker
Motto or Code: "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"
Do you have any passions? Yes
If so, what are they? Vampires
Do you have any ‘issues’? Of Course
If so, what kind: I'm Afraid of Being Dumped
Religion/Beliefs: Catholic
What makes you happy? Food
Rate your personality 1-10: 6
Rate your love life 1-10: 10
Rate your work life 1-10: 1
Rate your social life 1-10: 3
Rate your spiritual life 1-10: 4
Are you aggressive? No! Definately Not!
Are you passive? I'm Not Sure. What Would You Say?
Are you extroverted? Nope
Are you introverted? Yes
Are you judgmental? I Try Not To Be
Are you accepting? I Try To Be
Are you friendly? Yes
Are you a leader? Not Really
Are you a follower? No
Are you bitchy? Yes

THE FAVORITE GAME! (50 Questions)

All questions refer to your favorite ____:

Alcoholic Drink: A Double Shot of Vodka, Straight (although i don't drink anymore)
Non-Alky Drink: Chocolate Milk
Juice: Cranberry
Soda: A&W Cream Soda
Appetizer: Jalapeno Poppers
Bread Item: Bread Sticks
Veggie/Side: French Fried Potatoes
Fruit: Plum
Soup: Tomato (made with milk)
Main Dish [with meat]: Porkchops and Gravy
Main Dish [no meat]: Spaghetti
Dessert: Tiramisu
Candy: Milky Way Midnight
Guilty Pleasure: Marathon Baths While Snacking on Cheese and Chocolate
Childhood Food: Grilled Cheese Sammiches
Perfume/Cologne: None. I Like the Way I Stink.
Shampoo/Conditioner: Enjoy
Hair Product: Enjoy Gel
Toothpaste: Mentadent
Soap/Bodywash: Irish Spring Waterfall Fresh
Fashion Line: LRG
Your Style: Geek
Undie Type: Grannies
Footwear: New Balance
Hairstyle: Short and Spikey
Movie Genre: Kubrick
Top 5 Movies: Full Metal Jacket; A Clockwork Orange; Pulp Fiction; The Shawshank Redemption; M*A*S*H
Movie Food: Sweedish Fish
Actor(s): Tim Robins
Actress(s): Ashley Judd
Music Genre: Rock, Skunk
Top 5 Bands: Sublime; ACDC; The Offspring; Reel Big Fish; Billy Idol
Top 5 Albums: 40oz. To Freedom; Tragic Kingdom; Darkside of the Moon; My Led Zeppelin Boxed Set; Smash
Top 5 Songs: Don't Push; Time; One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer; Kasmir; Sunshine of Your Love
Lyric Line: "We're Only Gonna' Die From Our Own Arrogance, That's Why We Might As Well Take Our Time"
Day: Friday
Time: 7:00pm
Month: August
Season: Summer
Holiday(s): Thanksgiving
Video Game Genre: Puzzle
Top 5 Video Games: Tetris; GTA; GTA 3; GTA Vice City; Tony Hawk Underground
Top 5 Video Game Characters: Kirby; Link; Yoshi; Sonic; Crash
First Video Game: NES - Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt
Last Video Game: Whiplash
Pet: Iguanna
Acquaintance: Chuch
Friend: Rob
Family Member: My Gramma
Lover: Josh

Sex (65 Questions)

What turns you on? Being Submissive
What attracts you to a person? Charisma, Humor, Intellegence, A Big Ding-Dong :D
Are you a virgin? No
If so, why, and how close have you come? N/A
Do you masturbate? Yes
If so, how often, be HONEST: Not Often - I Get Taken Care Of
Any genital piercings: No
Any genital tattoos: No
Your view on condoms: Should Be Used in Combination With Birth Control if Not In A Monogomous Relationship to Avoid STD's
Do you use them? No
(Male) How Big Is Your Cock?
(Male) Are You Cut/Uncut?
(Female) How Big Are Your Tits? 36 C
(Female) How Are They Shaped? Like Boobs? ( o Y o )
Favorite Sexual Position: Reverse Cowgirl
Are you a good kisser (1-10): 8
Are you good in bed (1-10): 10
Are you more a top or a bottom? I'm More of a Bottom, But See Favorite Position
Are you dominant or submissive? Submissive
Are you aggressive or passive? Passive
Been in a three/four some: NO
Want to be in a three/foursome: No
Ever read/seen pornography? Yes
Ever starred in pornography? No
Weirdest place you had sex: :\ The Couch. I Guess I'm Kinda' Boring.
Weirdest place you have masturbated: The Shower. Once Again, Kinda' Boring.
Best sex you have ever had (if you have): Mmm, With Josh at my Parent's House... Soft Kisses and Lovemaking That Turned Into Rough Stuff with Biting and YAY!
Worst sex you have ever had (if you have): With Richard. Every Time.
Weirdest sex you have ever had (if you have): *blush*
Most painful sex you have ever had (if you ever have): *blush again*
Are you kinky? Yes
If so, How kinky: Very Kinky
Any Fulfilled Fantasy(s): Yes
Did you enjoy it/them? Yes
Any Unfulfilled Fantasies? Yes
What is your view on sex? Good Stuff
5 words to describe sex w/ you: *blush* Josh Says: "Fun, Sexy, I dunno, hehehehe"
First Sexual Experience? With Josh
Last Sexual Experience? With Josh
Do you like any of these things?
Kissing Someone: Yes
Being Kissed: Yes
Holding Someone: Yes
Being Held: Yes
Nibbling: Yes
Being Nibbled: Yes
Biting: No
Being Bitten: Yes
Groping: Yes
Being Groped: Yes
Handjobs/Figerjobs (give): Yes
Handjobs/Figerjobs (get): Yes
Oral Sex [give]: YES
Oral Sex [get]: Yes
Fucking [give]: Yes
Fucking [get]: YEs
Tying Someone Up: No
Getting Tied Up: Yes
Dominating Someone: No
Being Dominated: Yes
Light Kink (food, teasing, stripping): Yes
Medium Kink (golden showers / role-play): No Golden Showers - Roll-playing, Yes
Heavy Kink (blood, scat, extreme pain): No Scat, Pain and Blood, Yes
S&M Light (spanking, biting, etc.): Yes
S&M Heavy (fisting, whipping, et.): *blush*

Love (40 Questions)

Are you single? No
If so, how long have you been single?
Are you taken? Yes
If so, how long have you been taken? 2 Years
Are you a flirt? Yes
If so, then how do you do it? Innuendos, Compliments, Giggles
Is sex a must in a relationship? No
How much sex should be in dating? Not Too Much
How much sex should be in a relationship? Enough To Keep Your PArtner Satisfied
How much sex should be in a marriage? See Above
Do you like to wait (for sex)? Yes
If so, then how long? Til We're Both Comfortable
What qualities (body) do you want in someone? I Like Big Guys and Small Girls
What qualities (mind) do you want in someone? Intelligence and Humor
What qualities (heart) do you want in someone? I dunno
What kind of relationship(s) have you been in? A Few Mediocre Ones, One VERY Bad One and Ine EXCELLENT One
What kind of relationship(s) would you like? I Like The One I'm In
What was your first relationship like? I Think I Was Used, But He's Making Up For It Now
What was your last relationship like? It's Fucking Outstanding
Are you an affectionate person? Kinda
Are you affectionate in private? Yes
Are you affectionate in public? NO
Are you affectionate before family? NO
Are you affectionate before friends? No
Are you affectionate after sex? No
Have you ever loved someone? Yes
Have you ever been loved? Yes
Have you ever been ‘In Love’? Yes
Have you ever had someone be ‘In Love’ with you? Yes
Belief: Love at first sight: Oh Yesh
Belief: Lust at first sight: Definately
What does love mean to you? It Means Caring About Someone So Very Much That You ARe Willing To Put Their Needs Before Your Own With No Hesitation
What does romance mean to you? I Dunno
What does passion mean to you? I Dunno
What does monogamy mean to you? Being With One Person
What does chemistry mean to you? That Spark That You Feel When You Interact With A Person, Not Just Sexually, But All The Time
Do you want marriage someday? No
What kind of marriage would you like? None
Ever plan on living together? I Do It Now
What kind of living arrangement? Me And Him And It's All Good

WORLD TOPICS (30 questions)

How do you feel about ______?

Life, in general: It's Okay, I Guess
Death, in general: It Happens
The Afterlife: I Hope There Is One
The Millennium: We're In for a Bumpy Ride
AIDS and the foundations: I Voulnteered for One. I Guess Some People Think That If You Get AIDS, You Deserve It. But I Don't.
Abortions: I Would Never Do It, But I Would Never Judge Someone For Having It Done.
Cloning: I Hope Noone Ever Clones Me
Homosexuality: To Each His/Her Own
Gays/Lesbians in Military: What Does Sex Have To Do With The Military? If Someone Wants To Fight For a Country They're Proud of, The Should Be Able To.
Gay/Lesbian Marriage: Should be Made Legal
Banning Smoking: Stupid. I Don't Smoke, But I'm Not A Smoke Nazi. As Long as People Aren't Rude With Their Smoke, They Should be Able To Kill Themselves Wherever They Want To.
Biotechnology: Was My Major
Free Speech: Good Stuff
The President: No Comment
War in the Middle East: Again, No Comment. Let's Just Say That If I Weren't Afraid Of My Phone Being Tapped etc, I'd Have Registered As a Memeber of the Peace and Freedom Party.
Our Environment: Is Going Downhill
Aliens / UFOs / Roswell: Creepy Shit
Other Religions [Buddhism, Hindu, Wicca]: Whatever Makes People Feel Good About Themselves Is a Good Thing
What should the ages be for =============
Curfew: 16
Driving Age: 18
Drinking Age: 21
Voting Age: 18
Smoking Age: 21
Age of Consent: 20
Are you happy with the world? Pretty Much, but I Think There's Lots of Stuff I'd Change
Are you happy with life? Yeah
Are you happy with yourself (mentally)? For The Most Part
Are you happy with yourself (physically)? I'd Like To Lose Some Chunk From My Thighs
Are you happy with yourself (emotionally)? Yes
What do you think of this Quiz? It's Pretty Long


Three wishes:
(a djinn grants you three wishes.
You cannot wish for more, that’s it!)

Wish 1: For My Kiddos To Have Lives That They Feel Are Wonderful And Fullfilling
Wish 2: To Retire in a Cute Little House With A Front Porch With A Couple Of Rocking Chairs that Josh and I Could Sit in And Drink Our Lemonade
Wish 3: World Peace?

Superhero (you):
(you have somehow become a superhero!)

Real Name: Janet Whattabore
Superhero Name: Super Tre!
Superpower 1: The Ability To Make People Tell The Truth (WONDERWOMAN!) But Without The Stupid Lasso
Superpower 2: The Ablility To Heal Wounds Caused Malliciously
Superpower 3: The Ability To Change The Past
Power Source: The Magnetic Fields of the Earth
Weakness: None. HAHA!
Costume: Stripperella Stylee
Rival: James Brown
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